Unplug and Just Run

beachrunnerThis morning was one of those gorgeous June mornings with a bright blue sky, temperatures in the 60’s and no humidity. With such perfect running conditions I knew I needed to get out and take advantage of the day. I laced up, grabbed my Garmin and iPod and headed out the door. As I stood on the front step waiting for the Garmin to locate satellites I paused to look around at the beautiful day. Having second thoughts, I threw my devices back in the house and headed out.

Without my Garmin beeping incessantly and the music blaring, I re-discovered why I fell in love with running. It was wonderful being out on the road, enjoying the beautiful day. For the first time in ages I ran based on how I felt, not based on what a watch was telling me to do. I listened to my body, not the beat of the music. Dare I say it, running was fun again.

Us runners tend to be a bit neurotic about numbers: How far does my plan say I must run today? What does my race pace dictate the pace of this run to be? How does that allusive PR push me to ignore what my body is telling me? It is easy to get caught up in the details of training and racing and forget to take the time to enjoy running.

This morning reminded me why I run. I run to take advantage of the day. I run to explore the world around me. I run to have fun. Today I made the resolve to not forget why I started running. To unplug and just run.

How often do you unplug and just run?

9 thoughts on “Unplug and Just Run

  1. I love running unplugged. Only time I have headphones is on a treadmill, even than it is rare. Great job getting out and running to run. BTW, your post got jumbled, paragraph 2 restates para 1. Just an FYI.

  2. I always have my watch because I need to watch the time to make sure I’m home around the same time as my husband and kids. However, my ear phones have been out of service and I need a new pair that I haven’t run without music for awhile. However, I find the music distracts me in a good way sometimes and I’m able to push myself a little more.

  3. I ran the entire month of May unplugged, and I haven’t done much naked running in June. It’s nice to hear the birds chirp or hear my feet hitting the pavement once in a while. I think it gives us runners the opportunity to truly admire and appreciate what our body can do.

  4. I have never run with music but I do always have my Garmin. I used to look at it all the time but now I don’t very often and sometimes not at all – does that count? I like to keep it on just to have a record of it after the fact. I’ve seen people put tape over the screen so you can’t see it during a run even if you wanted to.

  5. I don’t normally run with music since I usually have someone running with me. I did take a 2 mile run this week in the rain, so no buddy, no music, no nothing and it was wonderful.
    It’s nice to hear my thoughts and lose myself in the run. 🙂

  6. Unfortunately, I don’t unplug nearly enough these days. In fact, I’m thinking of becoming even MORE plugged in as I don’t currently run listening to music, audiobooks or podcasts.

    There is good reason for this though – I’m forever complaining about not being able to read as much as I used to. Since I’m training for a marathon and will be running for several hours at a time, I figured it would be a good time to listen to books and get my “reading” in.

    I do get my unplugged moments when I take my kids for bike rides. Those are fun, unmeasured trips!

  7. I run with a Garmin and usually my music. I could take or leave the Garmin if I know how many miles I’m going to cover (especially now that the stupid Garmin is freaking out at the hint of any moisture whatsoever), but honestly, I do not really enjoy my runs without music. I can do it alone and think. I can run with friends and chat. Really, I would rather run and listen deeply to my tunes. I feel lots better during and after the run, and I know I run faster.

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