Swimming is bad for {my} health

R&R Physical THerapy Tallahassee Swimmers SHoulderI have come to the conclusion that long swims are bad for my health. No, I haven’t overlooked the obvious benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, increased lung capacity and other related benefits. These still hold true. I’m talking about my health over the next 6-12 months.

Let This morning was my longest pool swim to date; 2 x 1000 yards. Unlike long runs, long rides, or even open water swims, pool swims leave me particularly prone to a wandering mind. There is something about the sensory deprivation of water and the rhythmic back and forth of pool laps that leads me to thinking a lot while I swim.

This morning my mind was all over the place: building my to-do list for the weekend, planning out the next week and starting to think about my racing schedule for next year. As the yards ticked away I began to focus on my goals and what races I wanted to prioritize. The longer I thought the longer and more complicated the list became. By the end of my swim I had created a schedule that would humble even a seasoned athlete. Thankfully, I finished swimming before I had  convinced myself that running for president in 2016 sounded like a good idea.

And that, my friends, is why swimming is bad for my health.

2 thoughts on “Swimming is bad for {my} health

  1. I know what you mean! I’m not a swimmer, but when I run, sometimes I run without music to distract me so that I can just run and think….but sometimes I get so crazy with all of the thinking, planning, etc…that I get a little crazy! Sometimes I will actually cut my run short because I have started planning something in my head and I MUST get home to start putting the plan into action!

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