Blood and bare feet

962594_barefoot_running_443_t640During tonight’s run I decided to try my alternate pair of Netwon’s without socks. At first I thought there were no issues, but by a mile into the run I had blisters on both feet, I could barely walk, and  my shoes were starting to look like victims of a massacre. At that point I made the decision to take my shoes off planning I would hobble back to the car. Once I got the shoes off and my feet started to feel better, I decided I would try and run.

Fortunately I was on a bike path which was relatively clear of gravel, glass and other debris. As I started running, I was surprised by how natural and comfortable it felt. The past several months I have been working on my running form and try to be a mid-sole strider. I figured, because of that change in my running form, running barefoot wouldn’t be any different. I was surprised at the difference I felt, most noticeably in how much easier it was to run. For the first time, running felt truly natural.

Maybe there is more to the Natural Running movement than I first thought.

Have you ever run barefoot before?

What is your experience with natural running?

15 thoughts on “Blood and bare feet

  1. I haven’t tried natural or barefoot running. I’m plagued by foot and toe issues, so I don’t know if it would help those issues or make them worse! I’m too nervous to go without a stability shoe.

    • Have you run this question by anyone at your local running store? I found the folks at my local fleet feet are so knowledgeable about different issues that plague runners and what the right shoes are for those issue.

      Good luck!

  2. I was at Fleet Feet buying my new shoes, and they did say that I needed a stability shoe and I over-pronate. I wanted something lighter weight since I’m doing shorter runs and less mileage these days, but they made sure I still got into a stability shoe. My Morton’s Neuroma is killing me though.

  3. I am a minimilist runner. I go with Merrell Barefoot shoes or Vibram Five Fingers. I would like to go more natural IE; no shoes like you did here. I was plagued with injuries for years as a runner in the Army. After SLOWLY making the switch from a Mizuno Wave Inspire to a 0mm shoe all injuries disappeared. I have not had one (pray God keeps it that way) since the switch. I say get on some grass and do barefoot skill drills. If for nothing else but to have fun and change things up.

  4. I haven’t tried barefoot running, though it seems like a few really enjoy it and how it feels! Unfortunately I have a few foot injuries so its probably not in my best interest to give it a try.

  5. I’ve been running in zero drop shoes for over 2.5 year’s and recently started going completely barefoot. It’s easier than I thought as long as you slow down. I’ve been doing it on the road around home even on loose gravel and its surprising how little it hurts (as long as your form is correct – it got better when a friend told me to focus on lifting the foot and not pushing off the ground so much).

  6. I am a new runner but have been training in Brooks Pure Connect with no trouble. As I get more into training (for a half marathon with Team in Training), I’m being encouraged to find shoes with more cushion. I want to listen to my trainers, but also like the minimalist movement. I’ve been trying out some Brooks Ghost 6 this week and my toes are going numb.

    • If your form is correct, and as long as they are not causing you any issues why would you change? I’d be a bit suspicious of a trainer telling you to change shoes unless you were already showing you were getting injured or having issues after longer runs (even then make sure you’re not increasing too much too soon as that’s more likely to be an issue than the shoes).

  7. I’ve always wondered about the Vibram Five Fingers, but the one time I got up the nerve to go to a shoe store (note: not a runner’s store) and ask about them, everybody ignored me, so I figured it was a sign. I love my shoes (Saucony), but I’ll always wonder about the barefoot thing.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I actually started using the New Balance minimus shoes. They have the same feel and soles as the 5 fingers but a regular shaped shoe. They seem to work well for me

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