If the shoe fits

inv_running_shoesI have had many people ask me how to get the right pair of running shoes. In my experience, it’s all about the fit. If the shoes fit right, it makes running so much more enjoyable. If not, well, this is often the culprit of stories beginning with “I tried to start running once, BUT…”

Step 1: Where do I begin?

This is often the hardest, but most crucial part; finding the right place to buy your shoes. I am guilty of having bought many a pair of running shoes on Amazon. Let’s face it, I’m cheap. I love the thrill of the deal. However, I quickly learned that buying discount shoes on Amazon was not helping me. I suffered from shin splints. I had horrible running form. Everything hurt.

I was eventually brought into the ways of running-shoe-buying from those much wiser than myself. And this was where I discovered Fleet Feet,  a wonderful company that specializes in selling running gear. If you have a store near you, please go see them. They are awesome. If not, may towns have running specialty shops. The benefit of going to a running specialty shop is they have a vested interested in getting you in appropriate running shoes and keeping you running happy.

 Step 2. Listen. And don’t look at the price tag

The best part about Fleet Feet? They don’t let you pick which shoes to try on. Wait, what? How does this work. Let me explain.

When I went into Fleet Feet the first thing they did was ask me about my running: how long have I been running, what am I training for, how often and how far am I running. The next step was to have me jump on a treadmill so they could analyze my gait. (side note: ladies, if you are going shopping for running shoes, wear a sports bra. This is what I like to call a self-correcting problem. You will only make this mistake once)

Only after they had these two pieces of information did they ask about budget.

After having these pieces of information, they brought out several different brands for me to try. Each pair I tried on I took them for a test ride on the treadmill with the salesperson watching my run form and how the shoe fit.

My first time in the store the whole process took about an hours, but it was well worth the time. I ended up with shoes that fit and supported me perfectly. Which makes running so much more enjoyable.

Step 3: Enjoy

Best of luck in your quest for the perfect running shoe!

 What is your experience in buying running shoes? How and where do you shop?

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