Mental Training

BrainAt a fundraiser last night I spent over an hour talking with a man who is an executive coach. Basically, he works with the executive team at companies who are trying to make a change in their culture and business. One of his poignant comments stuck in my head the rest of the evening.

He said “any change begins with a shift in your mind.

Interesting perspective. I thought back to yesterday morning’s run. It was supposed to be 4 miles with 1.5 miles at 10:00 tempo pace. No problem! I’ve run a marathon. I did a totally of 4 miles at average 10:00 pace on Monday. This will be easy.

Instead, my legs had a different idea.  They thought I promised them a day off and they rebelled. They felt like led. Everything hurt. The run turned into a slugfest where, by mile 2.5, all I wanted to do was sit down on the sidewalk and call for a ride home. Instead I suffered through the last 1.5 feeling sorry for myself.

After Thursday night’s conversation I connected the dots. If I truly want to be a faster runner it’s not just about becoming physically faster. It’s about changing my mental perspective and realizing it’s not just about training the legs. It’s about training the mind.

How do you manage the mental training?

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