Would it really kill you to smile?

When I run I am a friendly person. I will acknowledge the other runner I see when I am out. In fact, is seems like common courtesy in the sport to acknowledge your fellow man suffering out there with you.

This morning while I was running I was smiling and waving at folks who passed me. About 10 minutes in, I passed someone who was running towards me. Just like everyone else before, I smiled and gave a short wave. Instead of pleasantly acknowledging me, the woman scowled as if I had just said the meanest thing possible.
The rest of my run I kept thinking about her reaction. I realize that when we are running many of us get in a zone and loose awareness of those around us. But what kept bothering me was that the woman couldn’t even politely acknowledge a fellow running. I just kept thinking: Would it really kill you to smile?

One thought on “Would it really kill you to smile?

  1. Haha I love this, I always smile and give a wave when running and just don’t understand the people who glare or ignore me. Good to know it’s not just me they’re avoiding lol

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